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Welcome to S(p)eed Dating!
Don't swipe, root together!

Nice to see you here! Are you interested in a permanent partnership or are you looking for a short vacation flirt (during the semester break)? Then you are exactly right here! Whether big, whether small, quiet or bright, here everyone finds the right partner!

Our singles:

Gudea, the easy-care, plant species: Philodendron "White Wave"

Do you like bad boys with a soft core? Then get to know Gudea. He's good looking and he knows it, which is why he often comes across as arrogant. Nevertheless, he never loses his charm and can be the perfect son-in-law if that's what he wants. He is easy to handle and only needs sunlight and a minimum temperature of 12°C to keep his fiery heart from freezing. Sounds too good to be true? Then don't wait too long!


Nefertiti, the versatile, plant species: rubber tree (Ficus elastica)

Do you get bored easily and need a partner to keep you on your toes and to ensnare? Then Nefertiti is made for you! At first glance she may look like any plant, but her appearance is often deceiving! Nefertiti is beautiful, graceful and proud. She values her beauty sleep and wants to be treated like a true queen. Instead of moisturizer, she's into humidity and her morning routine can't be complete without a big gulp of water for her soil before she's ready to soak up the sun all day long. That sounds like an endless summer dream to you? Then what are you waiting for?


Akhenaten, plant species: Monstera "Monkey Leaf"

Akhenaten is a real sun king. Although he moved to Mainz for business, he is originally from the tropical forests of the world. He is very vain about where he lives and prefers a place in the blazing sun all year round. However, once he gets really comfortable, there is no stopping him and he expands exponentially. You want a relationship in which your partner can unfold and grow with you? Then get to know Akhenaten!


Pepi, the uncomplicated, plant species: green lily

Pepi is Semirami's little brother. He learned everything from his sister when he was a child and makes the same demands on his spouse. Pepi is a very uncomplicated family man. He likes to meet Semiramis and is just happy to be around her. Have you been looking for someone who loves his family as much as you love yours? Pepi can hardly wait for the family photos!


Cleopatra, the serene, plant species: Zamioculcas !Already found her match!

You need a rock in the surf? Something you can always rely on? Then get to know Cleopatra. It likes long, warm summer nights, but also enjoys a quiet, shady spot. Cleopatra is indestructible and the peace itself. Would you like to spend quiet days with her and enjoy life? Feel free to contact us!


Semiramis, the undemanding, plant species: green lily !Already found her match!

Semiramis is an adult, independent woman and is complete without a partner. Nevertheless she is looking for togetherness and someone who compliments her. She is more the autumn type and does not like direct sunlight at all, because her beautiful porcelain skin suffers from it. She is also not a water mermaid. Bathing vacations are not her thing at all and she likes splashing around rather rarely and only moderately. You want something casual and uncomplicated? Semiramis is looking forward to you.


Yaba, the unathletic, plant species: cob thread (Aglaonema commutatum)

!Already found her match!

Yaba is a couch potato. She is reluctant to move and does not like to go out in the sun. She gets by with relatively little light and only needs her blanket to keep her warm all year round and her television. Despite her lack of exercise, Yaba loves to bathe and shower and thrives in high humidity. Once she gets really comfortable, she can get just as high as she is wide. Do you want to share a relationship belly? Then please contact us!


Sargon, the petite, plant species: golden fruit palm (Dypsis Iutescens)

!Already found his match!

Sargon may look like a strong giant, but he is actually a very sensitive one. A good relationship climate is important to him: things should not get too heated, but the mood should not be too chilled either. He likes to give free rein to his feelings and tears, otherwise he develops stagnant water and eats it all up. Still, Sargon knows a thing or two about partying, likes to go out and loves to get a drink or two a week. Your hard core wants to be melted by Sargon? Then don't wait any longer!


Puduḫepa, plant species: green lily  !Already found her match!

Puduḫepa is the consort of Pepi. Although she is not from Egypt but from the Ancient Near East, they have the same requirements for life and are also very similar in character. Although she is already given to Pepi, Puduḫepa wants to be cherished and cared for. Give love and water and contact us!


Good to know!

You have so much love to give that you want to provide for several partners* at once? Great! Then spray love and water as much as you like and sign up for several plant singles.

Still nothing suitable or undecided? That doesn't matter: Feel free to drop by S(p)eed Dating regularly. There are always new singles coming in who are looking for a firm commitment.

Relationship update

Are you already in a relationship, but the spark doesn't want to jump? We at the ASIL team are happy to help you communicate the needs of your plant partner so that the chemistry is right again, write to us. We can also help you to dissolve the relationship if it doesn't fit anymore.

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