Project Team:

Dr. Monika Zöller-EngelhardtDr. Monika Zöller-Engelhardt
Project lead of ASIL
Dr. Simone GerhardsDr Simone Gerhards
Agent of learning architecture
Tim Brandes M. A.Dr Tim Brandes
Ancient Near Eastern Philology
Project Area: Digital Philology
Benny Waszk M. A. Benny Waszk M. A.
Near Eastern Archaeology | Prehistoric and Early Historic Archaeology | RTG 1876 Concepts of Human and Nature
Project Area: Digital Archaeology
Lara Isabelle Ivanov B. A.Lara Isabelle Ivanov B. A.
Student research assistant

Associate members of the ASIL-Teams:

Applicants in April 2022:

  • Dr. Simone Gerhards
  • Dr. Eva-Maria Huber
  • Benny Waszk M. A.
  • Dr. Monika Zöller-Engelhardt

The ASIL team would like to express its sincere thanks for the support provided by:

  • Management of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, esp. Vice President for Studies and Teaching Univ.-Prof. Dr. Stephan Jolie und Team
  • Executive management of the Institute of Ancient Studies, esp, insb. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Johannes Lipps
  • Department of Egyptology: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ursula Verhoeven-van Elsbergen
  • Department of Ancient Near Eastern Philology: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Doris Prechel
  • Department of Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Alexander Pruß
  • Students of the departments Egyptology and Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology and Philology
  • Secretariat of the Department of Egyptology: Ruth Kreis-Thies
  • Dr. Tobias Helms (Coordination Office for Digital Teaching and Learning)
  • Building and Property Management of the Johannes Gutenberg University
  • Center for Data Processing of the Johannes Gutenberg University